The building located at 333 Post Road West has a distinctly Westport quality to it. Once a relic of the town’s long-gone manufacturing base, it has become a corporate headquarters, a notable location for charities and a cornerstone of the area’s thriving medical community. Its history is entwined with national politics and with the growth of Connecticut’s Gold Coast itself. As those who perhaps know it best describe the building, it is at once off the beaten path and at the center of Westport’s busting commercial downtown.
Now the building is being prepared for yet another transition.

A Second Home
Samuel Heyman took over his father’s Real Estate business in 1968. About 20 years later, Heyman Properties, at this point one of New England’s largest commercial Real Estate developers, the company moved into 333 Post Road West.
It’s a move Kathy Rorick remembers. She’s worked for Heyman Properties for 44 years, rising through the ranks to become an executive vice president.
Rorick recalls Samuel Heyman fondly. A noted art collector, former chief assistant United States Attorney, hedge fund manager and Presidential Citizens Medal awardee, Heyman died in 2009.
“He was quite an individual,” Rorick said. “He was a very brilliant man.”
Rorick predates Heyman Properties’ move to 333 Post Road West, but she remembers her first impressions of the property.
“We liked the building instantly,” she said, and, in the decades since she and her colleagues have worked there, the property has taken on some sentimental value. “This is definitely like a home.”