333 Post Road

Heyman Properties was a tenant, first, taking over the second floor for its corporate offices, the firm bought the building in 2006.

“Heavy duty construction”
But before it was the home of Heyman Properties’ corporate headquarters, 333 Post Road West was the home of book publisher H.S. Stuttman, Co., having been built for the purpose in 1978.
The building still bears some of the hallmarks of its past.
“They designed this property heavy-duty,” according to Joe Barile, construction and property manager for Heyman Properties for the past 18 years. On the first floor, there’s an area called the ‘warehouse,’ designed to handle shipping.
New plans for the property are, according to the Real Estate agents handling the sale, to transform it into a modern, efficient, medical services building. The “warehouse,” for example, now being used for storage, will be fitted with new windows and turned into medical office space.
After 18 years of serving as Heyman Properties’ property manager, one might think Barile has some horror stories to tell, but it’s not the case. The building, it seems, was built to last.
“We haven’t had major problems in here at all,” he said.
When Heyman took over 333 Post Road West in 2006, it took in a tenant of its own, beginning the property’s long metamorphosis into the medical services. Performance Physical Therapy currently occupies a portion of the first floor, and it has served as a registration point — and will again this year — for Westport’s Minute Man Road Race.

“Solid” and “Subtle”
One of the aspects of 333 Post Road West that drew Rorick and her colleagues to the building was its location, at once in the thick of it all and distanced from the hustle and bustle of downtown Westport.
“We loved the building because of it’s convenience to the Merritt and to I95,” she said. “We’re in the suburbs, but it takes minutes to get downtown.”
It’s a sentiment with which one of the Real Estate brokers in charge of the building, Sarah Cohen, agrees.
“It’s a little subtle and set back,” she said. “You don’t need to be screaming, ‘I’m here.’”
Cohen and her colleague Laura Leeds are marketing the building to new medical tenants.
Among the plans are indoor and outdoor parking, wiring and telecommunication updates, new windows, landscaping, a redesigned portico entryway and  an outdoor garden seating area.
The newly redesigned 333 Post Road West will use the “solid construction” already present, Cohen said, maintaining the “boutiquiness” associated with Westport’s commercial center while becoming modernized, renovated and relevant.
“It’s a testament to the building,” she said. “It has class and style.”