Building History

The signature Westport building located at 333 Post Road West has gone through some significant changes over its decades of history, and it’s about to go through some more.

Major updates are planned, turning the site into a medical arts building suitable for the 21st Century on Connecticut’s Gold Coast.

Built originally for book publisher H.S. Stuttman, Co., 333 Post Road West was previously comprised of offices and warehouse space. Samuel J. Heyman acquired the property in 2006 to use as the headquarters for his Real Estate firm, Heyman Properties. The Heyman family are longtime Westport residents. Heyman was a former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and Presidential Citizens Medal awardee.

As the property is prepared to become a next-generation medical facility, it is being fitted with a new modern lobby and new windows in the former warehouse section on the first floor. The property will become all ADA compliant. The elevator capacity and ramp are sized for medical usage. New modern wiring and telecommunication updates will assure the speed and dependability required in modern medicine.

A new portico is being designed to shelter guests from the elements upon entering, an outdoor garden area is planned for sitting, and indoor and outdoor parking will allow for convenient and easy use by doctors and visitors. With a re-landscaped exterior and overall new improvements the renovated building will be an eye-pleasing addition to the Post Road and Westport.